CodeONE has installed a pilot project of 45 kW Energy Platform at the entrance of Puducherry Bus Terminus in Union Territory of Puducherry, India and field tested the performance of the system. The Trial was inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Minister of Puducherry on 13-Aug-2014.

This platform is about 8.0 m length and 3.5 m width. The technical details of alternator is 45 kW, 220 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase and 4 wire system. Output from the alternator was connected to 10x1000 W Halogen Lamps.

The Energy Platform has produced electricity when the vehicles were driven over the platform. The ride of vehicle over the platform was smooth and has not induced any strain either to the vehicle or to the passengers. The illumination of the lamps was bright. Overall, the results were satisfactory, and the pilot trial was successful and was certified as a commercially viable project. Few of the photographs taken during trial run of the pilot plant is shown below.

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