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Energy Platform is a first-of-its-kind concept using existing technologies and components in a proprietary design, which converts lost energy due to breaking (5.8% of total energy supplied) and rolling resistance (4.2% of total energy supplied) from moving vehicles into electric power during deceleration. The concept is illustrated in the Figure.

The Energy Platform is constructed using series of slats supported by number of inter connected self-retracting oil filled cylinders. The slats are assembled between two side rails, which guide the slats and allow them to move only in the direction by which the oil filled cylinders can be actuated.

Many such slat-rail assemblies of identical length (modules) are stacked horizontally to construct the Energy Platform to any required length. The platform is laid or spread on the vehicle run way, traffic lane or road. When the vehicle passes over the Energy Platform, its rolling wheels exert a downward force (proportional to the gross weight of the vehicle) on the slats sequentially starting from leading edge to tailing edge.

The downward force exerted on the slats actuates all the supporting oil cylinders and dispenses the oil to a pre-loaded accumulator. The oil thus stored in accumulator is fed at a constant pressure to a hydraulically driven alternator which produces electricity. The outlet oil from alternator is collected in a reservoir which feeds the oil back automatically to the cylinders, when the vehicle wheel withdraws the force from the slat while rolling.

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